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Pompeii Tour (transfer from Rome or Naples available)

  • The Forum
  • Nice family in Pompeii with us
  • Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius in the background
  • Petrified Bodies
  • Erotic Paintings

Private or Small Group tour available

Available everyday - Duration: 3 hours or 6 hours (half-day or full-day)

¡Benvenuto world travelers! The ancient city of Pompeii awaits your exploration. Enjoy a memorable guided walking tour of the ruins of one of the most famous places on earth. Nestled lovingly at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius, it’s hard to believe that this volcano once erupted with such maleficence that it buried an entire city.

Your Roman holiday will be incomplete without a visit to world-renowned Pompeii. In the 1st century, a prosperous middle class maintained this historic port town. Maritime attractions like bars and brothels gave the town its robust flavor.

Join us and stroll to the Theatre. Imagine the plays and spectacles it once housed for the enjoyment of all. Admire the grand Thermal Baths, the precursors to today’s spas, with exercise fields for sport!

Hear the raucous chatter on streets lined with purveyors of all manner of merchandise – including slaves. We’ll visit wine cellars, bars and restaurants with rare, ancient recipes, to compare prices and enjoy the flavor of Pompeii. And then, the Ampitheatre with its gladiators, and the infamous red light district . . .

Next, it’s the Forum, hub of religious and political activity, at the city’s center. Imagine streets filled with travelers, priests and politicians all conversing and lending their presence to the thriving metropolis. Grand processions and celebrations once filled these ancient streets.

Our tour is unique. There is no waiting in line for entrance to the historic ruins of Pompeii and you will have a private guide. Getting to Pompeii is easy. Located several kilometers south of Naples and 240 km south of Rome, it can be reached by train (Pompeii Scavi Station). Our professional partners are available to meet you at your hotel, port or the airport.

We can pick you up with a comfortable private vehicle at your hotel in Rome and take you to Pompeii in a wonderful relaxing full-day tour.


  • All the major sites of Ancient Pompeii in only one tour!
  • Avoid the lines, the heat, the crowds and experience Pompeii with an exclusive guided tour
  • Top-level professional English Speaking Local Guide with Official License and excellent reviews



  • We offer discounts for large parties and children.
  • We’ll have fun in rain or shine.
  • Pack a hat for summer sun, and wear comfortable shoes. You will actually walk on lava rock!
  • All ages and fitness levels are welcome.
  • Meeting place to be determined upon booking.


  • Forum - the center of Pompeii
  • Thermal Baths - a great example of Ancient Spa
  • Theatre - one of the best preserved Ancient Roman Theatres
  • Ancient Pleasure Houses (only if you want to see them)
  • Bars and Restaurants - See how they were selling drinks and sneaks 2000 years ago
  • Via dell'Abbondanza - the main avenue of Ancient Pompeii
  • Rich and beauitifully decorated houses with frescoes and mosaics
  • Public fountains and other Ancient facilities
  • Gladiators' Barracks
  • Ancient petrified bodies and original graffitis

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