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Sights of Rome Tour

  • Piazza Navona
  • Pantheon
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps
  • St. Ignatius Church
  • Campo de' Fiori
  • Piazza Colonna & Government Palace

Private tour - includes Trevi Fountain, Pantheon & Spanish Steps

Available everyday - Duration: 3 hours

There are some places in Rome that cannot be missed. On this tour we will visit many famous monuments, squares and fountains that you must visit with a guide during your stay in the eternal city .

As Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the movie Roman holiday you will be amazed by the Spanish Steps, located in the high-end shopping area of the city where all the well-known fashion brands are. You will see Keats and Shelley house, the Barcaccia fountain by Bernini and the Spanish embassy, that gives the name to the steps, where Casanova lived for some time.

After walking by the headquarters of designer Valentino you will reach the ruins of the Ancient Roman Virgin acqueduct and then the Trevi Fountain. It is by far the most beautiful and popular fountain in the world. Legend holds that you must throw a coin in it to favor your return to Rome. Our excellent guide will reveal you the secrets of this famous landmark than most people, even locals, do not know.

Only few steps away through the little cobbles streets we will reach the government area, where our prime minister leads the country. In front of his office a II century 100 feet tall roman column tells us the story of Marcus Aurelius military campaigns (this emperor was played by Richard Herris in the movie Gladiator).

We will also see the Parliament building and then enter the Pantheon. This is the best preserved Ancient Roman temple and served as architectural model for dozens of important builings in the world: the Jefferson Memorial, the Pantheon in Paris etc...

Inside the Patheon you will see the tomb of Raphael and other personalities of Italy that deserved to be buried in such a significant shrine. We will also walk by Ancient Egyptian obelisks that are among the oldest monuments in Europe and cross two charming squares: Piazza Navona & Campo de' Fiori. The former is the location of Bernini's most renowned hydraulic work, the Fountain of the 4 rivers, also featured in the movie Angels and Demons. The latter is home of Rome's most popular daily market selling flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and much more.

The tour also includes a visit of the Church of St. Ignatius that features amazing frescoes and optical illusions.


  • Carefully designed itinerary through the city center of Rome - everything you need to see during a short stay in Rome besides the Colosseum & the Vatican!
  • Great photo opportunities and a chance to visit the shopping and political areas of Rome
  • Top-level professional English Speaking Local Guide with Official License and excellent reviews


  • Pantheon - the best preserved Roman temple in on earth
  • Campo de' Fiori - Rome's most famous marketplace
  • Spanish Steps - the high-end shopping area of Rome
  • Trevi Fountain - the world's most beautiful fountain
  • Piazza Navona & the Fountain of 4 rivers - featured in the movie Angels & Demons
  • Church of St. Ignatius - the Jesuits special effects
  • Piazza Colonna - the political heart of Italy
  • Via Condotti - Rome's Rodeo Drive :-)
  • Temple of Hadrian
  • St. Ivo alla Sapienza & St. Agnes - Borromini's mastepieces

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