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Vatican Tour for Kids

Private or Small Group tour available

Available only on Fridays- Duration: 3 hours

Keep your family entertained throughout this 3-hour tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Your pre-booked tickets will allow you to skip the lengthy entrance queues for all destinations, which is very helpful when touring with children. This family-friendly tour is designed with for everyone to learn together about the Vatican Museums and its extraordinary collections, including Raphael's Rooms, and the Gallery of Maps. You’ll also see Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, and visit St. Peter's Basilica, where the Pieta can be viewed. It’s an interactive tour that’s sure to keep your children engaged and entertained. From the very start of the tour, children will participate in games to win prizes, all while learning key facts about the Vatican’s artwork.

First, meet your guide near the entrance to Vatican City, and head straight in to the Vatican Museums, bypassing the lines. Before your tour begins, you may check luggage or any belongings in the Vatican cloakroom.

You’ll start by seeing ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, and the sarcophagi of Empress Helena and Constantina, the mother and daughter of Constantine the Great. Then, you will continue through the Gallery of the Candelabra, Gallery of the Tapestries, Sobieski Hall, and the remarkable Raphael Rooms.

Before you enter the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, your guide will explain what you will be seeing inside, most notably Michelangelo's renowned fresco, “The Last Judgment.” Your guide will tell related stories from the Bible, including the creation of Adam. Still the venue for papal elections, The Sistine Chapel is the most visited attraction in Italy!

Saint Peter’s Basilica is the next stop on the tour, the world’s most significant Catholic church, where you will view the beautiful Pieta.

Your local guide, who specializes in tours for children and families, can customize the tour and make it unique to you, if you have specific requests. Your whole family will enjoy quizzes, trivia questions, scavenger hunts, and many more fun-filled activities during this participatory tour, while your children remain fully engaged.

Book online now for immediate confirmation to insure your place on this very special tour!


  • All the major sites of the Vatican in only one tour!
  • Avoid the lines, the heat, the crowds and experience the Museums with an exclusive guided tour
  • Reserved Fast-Track Entrance
  • Kid-friendly specialized guide with Official License and excellent reviews


  • Vatican Museums - Skip-the lines - Reserved Entrance
  • Sistine Chapel - The most visited attraction in Italy
  • Raphael's Rooms - The masterpiece of this great painter
  • Galleries of the Tapestries - Precious Flemish works of Art
  • Sixtus V Galleries - Marvelous frescoes and collected items
  • Gallery of Candelabra - An elegant display of Roman and Greek Art
  • Hall of the Maps - World's best collection of Ancient Geographic Maps
  • Octogonal Courtyard - The most famous Ancient Sculptures are here
  • Sistine Library - World's Most Beautiful Library
  • Christian Tools and Objects Gallery

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